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BlueLock provides on-demand compute and storage resources. The BlueLock Cloud Suite is based on VMware technology and allows customers to choose from a menu of public and private cloud options depending on the customer's application requirements.


A number of large enterprise customers and software as a service (SaaS) providers have chosen to run their applications on BlueLock's cloud-based infrastructure.

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While Amazon may be the best known cloud computing providers of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), over the short period that this market has existed, a handful of "new" IaaS vendors has emerged. That fits with BlueLock, although in reality they started in 2006, the same time as Amazon. But, today they are gaining recognition and traction on par with their bigger rival.

BlueLock's infrastructure services for on-demand compute and storage grew out of the company's experience in data center co-location. Their strategy revolves around adding value to basic infrastructure services, so that the can serve customers needs depending on their requirements for performance, availability, security and whether the customer wants to deploy in BlueLock's public cloud or their private cloud. BlueLock's cloud-based solutions are based on VMware's virtualization technology.

Value Proposition

BlueLock builds on the core value of infrastructure as a service (e.g. dynamic scalability, reduced CAPEX) and, combined with their expertise in virtual resource management, can deliver tailored IaaS based on the specific application needs of a customer. Security starts with SAS-70 type II and can be customized beyond that depending on what's needed.

Products & Services

BlueLock Cloud Suite includes:

  • BlueLock Virtual Cloud Professional for customers who need a production environment hosted and managed by outside professionals with the additional security features and performance they need for their important applications.
  • BlueLock Virtual Cloud Enterprise is geared towards clients that have strict compliance, performance and disaster recovery needs. It offers a resilient and scalable environment designed specifically for mission-critical applications.
  • BlueLock Virtual Private Cloud a 100 percent virtual, fully-managed, encapsulated private cloud environment that can be installed at a user’s data center or inside a BlueLock facility. Wherever the cloud is located, it has its own dedicated capacity and security features, but with the ability to burst into the BlueLock Cloud.

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